Content Strategy

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Plan and Execute real engagement with your buyer personas by following a B2B content marketing strategy.

If the buyer now controls the content it consumes, how do you ensure that your content is valuable enough to get you on their shortlist of vendors?

Content marketing is a personalized approach to content based on the persona that is being targeted. Your knowledge of personas will dictate your messaging, content themes, content formats and content distribution. If you give your buyer content that is useful, they will give you their attention.


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We develop messaging that matters to your buyer personas by following a B2B content marketing strategy. Using the SiriusDecisions “Messaging Nautilus” process which is centred on the buyer’s needs rather than the product’s features, we produce the value statements and copy blocks that will connect with your buyer in an emotional and practical manner.  


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Content marketing is about creating and delivering valuable content that will attract and engage your buyer personas on their terms. To do this successfully requires a strategic approach blended with organizational discipline and a constant mindset of your customer. 


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Do you know the precise gaps in your current content offering to your different personas across the buying cycle? GET LIFT Agency can tell you by conducting a content audit for you. We’ll evaluate every piece of your content against a variety of criteria to help you make better decisions on where you should be allocating your content budget.


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Executing a B2B content marketing strategy is extremely challenging if your team is too busy to create enough truly engaging content. We can help produce creative, compelling content in formats your buyers will consume and we can get you moving  quickly with our Content Quickstart Solution.


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Publish high-quality blog posts at a frequency that buyers have come to expect from trusted resources. Adding content to your blog on a consistent basis is extremely important if you want to earn a spot on their shortlist. Our Monthly Blog Package will keep your brand and solution relevant to your buyers by providing them with useful insights that answer their questions and challenge their thinking.