B2B Content & Marketing

Produce More Effective B2B Content

Move to a systematic, efficient process and produce B2B marketing content that will satisfy your buyer and your goals.

In many B2B companies, the importance of marketing content is accepted. However many are still treating content as a tactic rather than a marketing strategy. This leads to an ad-hoc, scattered process that produces inconsistent, lackluster B2B marketing content pieces that rarely satisfy buyers or internal stakeholders.

A strategic approach to B2B marketing content solves these issues because content is now created with purpose, within a process and with the bigger picture in mind.


A CMI/MarketingProfs study shows that only 30% of marketers say their organization is effective at content marketing.

GET LIFT can help you connect the dots from your buyer insights, to your messaging, to your brand, to your content, to your buyers.



    We start with understanding what you have available today in terms of understanding your buyers and the buying environment. We do a rigorous review of your:

    • Personas
    • Buying cycles
    • Messaging
    • Existing content
    • Competitors
    • Content process

    Once we know what you have, we can move forward with creating the B2B marketing content strategy. Like all good strategies, it starts with a content goal and then delves into the specifics such as themes and messaging and the distribution plan that aligns to the watering holes of your buyers. Key areas of this distribution plan include:

    • Your website properties
    • Your blog
    • Other digital properties including social
    • Offline content

    As all the different pieces of B2B marketing content are thought out, we’ll help you organize it into an editorial calendar that serves as your at-a-glance roadmap. To execute on your roadmap, we can help with the operationalization of your B2B marketing content development by mapping out the entire workflow process and defining the principles that should be adhered to, including:

    • Brand, voice and style guidelines
    • SEO considerations

Moving from the ad-hoc flurry to a systematic, efficient process will produce B2B marketing content that satisfies your buyer and your goals.

3 signs that you could use a lift with content marketing:
  • You’re having trouble connecting the dots between buyer insights and the story you want to tell.

  • The loudest screamer from sales dictates which content you’ll build next.

  • Your B2B marketing content is inconsistent in terms of approach, tone and brand.