The Challenge

Organizations today are finding it harder and harder to manage their disparate, mobile workforces. These employees are working across a range of locations and using a wide variety of devices, yet still need fast, seamless access to business-critical apps and data to do their jobs.

For IT, it’s taking so much effort just to keep up—onboarding new employees, updating software, enforcing security, etc.—that they can’t focus on more strategic needs. Adding to the pressure, they know that newer, cloud-based solutions could solve many of their problems, but they aren’t sure how to adopt them in a way that makes sense.

The Objective

Citrix asked GET LIFT for a unique way to show IT administrators and executives that Citrix Cloud was a solution that could meet their needs. Better yet, it could work with the solutions these organizations already had. They could “move to the cloud” on their own terms and even manage everything from one dashboard.

The Solution

We created an engaging, animated video that showed just how easy it was to manage your various solutions in the cloud. Using stylized graphics and simple iconography, we visualized the process for some of the biggest challenges that IT teams currently face. Plus, we outlined the many other benefits that administrators can receive by using Citrix Cloud.