The Challenge

To better compete in today’s competitive markets, companies are adding more and more locations and employees around the globe. But for their IT teams, it’s creating more complexity, more costs, and more management overhead than ever before. That’s because even though their employees might be thousands of miles away, IT must still deliver fast, seamless access to their business-critical apps and data so they can stay productive.

The Objective

Citrix wanted a way to illustrate that, no matter how many locations or number of employees you were managing remotely, they had a solution called Citrix Cloud that made it fast and simple.

The Solution

GET LIFT developed a stylized video that showed how quickly and easily IT teams could manage all their global users—all from one interface. Using quirky images and simple iconography, we were able to convey how, by using a point-and-click approach, previously overworked IT teams could keep their global enterprises running smoothly right from their office.