The Challenge

Citrix and Nutanix worked closely together to create InstantON VDI™, a combined offering that fuses together Citrix® app and desktop virtualization solutions with the Nutanix™ Enterprise Cloud Platform. Designed for SMBs, InstantON provides an end-to-end desktop virtualization solution at an affordable price point that IT teams can deploy in increments as small as 300 users.

To be successful, Citrix realized that they first had to overcome the existing misperceptions about virtualization. Most prospects had investigated—and even trialed—the technology when first introduced. There were obvious benefits, but the early iterations also required high budgets, specific skillsets or extra infrastructure. Because of this, many early virtualization efforts failed.

The Objective

Citrix wanted to increase partner engagement and have them sell more Citrix solutions to new prospects. With InstantON, they now had an all-in-one SKU that could drive interest in Citrix virtualizations solutions while also delivering a new approach for managing the IT infrastructure—a sore point for many organizations.

Armed with these insights, Citrix hired GET LIFT to help overcome the existing perceptions about virtualization and create new opportunities for partners. Just as important, they specifically asked us to avoid the “hard sell” approach and create only top-of-the-funnel content that could start discussions around some of the “pain points” that had previously scared prospects away from virtualization.

Citrix - Nutanix Partner Program

The Solution

GET LIFT created an integrated, “through-partner” marketing campaign that contained multiple turnkey content assets that partners could deploy in a streamlined manner. The campaign was designed around key customer use cases and employed content and marketing assets which the partners could quickly and easily customize with their company name and logo and deploy on their own marketing channels. The campaign assets included:

  • Multiple emails each centered on a specific use case
  • Corresponding landing and thank-you pages
  • Infographic about the benefits of virtualization
  • Virtualization Fact Checker
  • Virtualization Flip Book
  • Multiple Social posts/ads for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook


Email & Landing Pages

To ensure maximum relevance, each email was aligned to a specific use case. By doing this, we could address the specific pain points that the end-customers were experiencing and provide an offer that acknowledged we understood the challenges they were currently trying to solve.

Citrix Nutanix Email 1
Citrix Nutanix Email 2
Citrix Nutanix Website


Fact Checker

We learned very quickly that many prospects had outdated perceptions about virtualization. So we set out to educate them on some of the newer features so they could decide if a new virtual desktop solution was a good choice for their organization. Experience the full Fact Checker document.

Citrix Nutanix FactCheck

Flip Book

Once implemented, the benefits of virtual desktops are very hard to ignore, especially for IT teams. So we created an easy-to-read flip book to promote them in a non-salesy way. Experience the full Flip Book Document.

Citrix Nutanix FlipBook


Both entertaining and educational, this downloadable infographic enabled partners to show their customers the many benefits that desktop virtualization solutions could provide while also lightly promoting some of the features of InstantON. This infographic could also be downloaded and printed as an 18x36 inch poster or used as a Direct Mail piece or at events.

Citrix Nutanix Infographic