The Challenge

When Microsoft releases a new operating system (OS), it has profound repercussions on IT teams around the world that are responsible for deploying it across their enterprise devices. For many of these organizations, it can take months or years to successfully complete the effort.

However, with Microsoft’s most recent OS, Windows 10, it created a significantly new challenge for IT. That's because, for the first time, they had to consider the incredible number of personally owned and other mobile devices that employees now used to access business-critical apps and data. Furthermore, because Microsoft had made the update to Windows 10 so easy, many of these employees had already done the upgrade themselves.

The Objective

Citrix wanted a way to show IT administrators and executives that they could complete the Windows 10 migration for their organizations—normally a long and arduous process—quickly and easily.

The Solution

To illustrate how BYOD has transformed enterprise computing environments, we used simple icons and graphics to show how simple it would be for IT teams to manage the Windows 10 migration. And because centralized management is one of the core benefits of using Citrix app and desktop virtualization solutions, we crafted easy-to-understand animations to ensure the key benefits were communicated clearly.