The Challenge

Panasonic Homes & Living (PHL) is a leading provider of top-quality home design and building solutions. With decades of proven experience and expertise in multiple Asian and European markets, they were now looking to expand to both the Canadian and American markets. 

However, they faced a brand perception challenge in that they were primarily known in these new markets for consumer electronics and small appliances.

The Objective

To set themselves apart from the larger Panasonic brand, PHL wanted to create a fresh, new look that would appeal to both end-consumers as well as trade partners—architects, designers and contractors—who would be using PHL products in the homes and communities they were building.

Panasonic Homes & Living

The Solution

PHL hired GET LIFT to create a unique new brand identity that would appeal to both audiences and could work across multiple marketing channels, including collateral, advertising, events and demand generation. Both PHL and GET LIFT knew that the success of the new brand depended on the important trade partners that would be using PHL products, therefore the agency created multiple key messages and value propositions focused on partnerships and working together. On the visual side, the agency utilized a family of “x-ray” montage images that included early-stage diagrams and blueprints that evolved into finished homes.

In just a few short weeks, GET LIFT created a series of marketing deliverables and brand templates that could be used by internal PHL employees and their other marketing partners to design materials with a consistent look and feel while working effectively in the specific channel where they were being used.


Emails & Landing Pages

A key deliverable was a family of email and landing page templates that were tested and validated for use in Marketo, Panasonic’s marketing automation platform. Working with Knak, a provider of pre-built Marketo templates, we customized and built unique templates for: 

  • Sales emails and landing pages
  • Event emails and landing pages
  • Demand generation (attached offer) emails and landing pages
  • Marketing emails and landing pages
  • Newsletter emails and landing pages
Panasonic Email 1
Panasonic Email 2
Panasonic Website


As the home buying market evolves, we want to keep our key audiences up to date on the latest trends and research studies. To help convey this information, we built an eye-catching template that helped to highlight the latest data.

Panasonic Whitepaper


Event Signage

Event marketing is a priority for PHL, so we created a highly flexible booth design that can be scaled as needed to fit various-sized booths.

Panasonic Booth 1
Panasonic Booth 2


To educate and engage with its new trade partners, we developed multiple collateral templates that provide help promote PHL’s key value propositions and show the advantages of working with an industry leader.

Panasonic Postcard
Panasonic Spec Sheet


To help illustrate key product categories, building tools and other items, we created a library of icons that could work in conjunction with photography and other design elements.

Panasonic Icons

Standards Manual

To assist Panasonic's internal marketing team as well as other agencies working on their business, a graphics standards manual was developed to guide the creation of and ensure all marketing deliverables coming from PHL were consistent and on brand.

Panasonic Brand Standards