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get more value from your Marketing automation platform

Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) are designed to help B2B marketers evolve from basic email marketing to real integrated marketing. All MAPs provide three core functions: a) email marketing; b) website visitor tracking; c) a central marketing database.

When used to full effect, marketing automation platforms can increase sales-ready leads, streamline your marketing efforts, and ultimately contribute to revenue growth. However, as many marketers have learned, simply having a MAP doesn’t produce results.


75% of very successful users outsource all or part of their marketing automation strategy planning to benefit from specialized expertise.

Common obstacles that hamper the effective use of a MAP include:

  • >Lack of clarity on how marketing strategy translates to MAP usage
  • >Lack of skilled MAP users
  • >Poor contact database quality
  • >Budget constraints 

GET LIFT can solve this problem. We've helped marketers get value from their MAP with our marketing automation platform support services. Our experts are certified in Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot and Silverpop and follow industry best practices. Whether you need strategic guidance or hands-on horsepower to complement your current staff, we bring the best-practice knowledge along with the tricks and shortcuts acquired from deep experience to solve a variety of problems associated with marketing automation platforms.

How can we help you?

  • common projects

    • Data cleansing / normalization
    • Setting up emails, landing pages, forms, programs / campaigns / workflows
    • Setting up custom data objects
    • Installing and configuring cloud connectors
    • Setting up mmart lists / segments / queries
    • Set up progressive profiling and lead scoring
    • Set-up bidirectional dataflow between MAP and CRM
  • reporting

    • Set up reporting dashboards
    • Set up automated reporting
    • Integrate MAP reporting with CRM
  • lead nurture support

    • Build a new nurture track
    • Audit and update existing nurture tracks
  • on-demand support

    • Execution on email and landing pages
    • Load leads generated from live and virtual events into MAP
    • Provide campaign reporting
    • On-demand support
    • Training
    • Trouble-shooting
3 signs that you might need support services for your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP):
  • Your vanity metrics (open, CTR, unsubscribe) are below average for your industry.

  • Your lead importing, data cleansing or reporting processes are still very manual rather than automated.

  • You’re struggling to get value from your MAP but don’t have enough skilled users to solve the problem.

    Susanne Rodriguez
    Susanne Rodriguez

    Marketing Director, SolarWinds Cloud

    The GET LIFT team has been a tremendous help to my team at SolarWinds in a variety of ways. They’re great at hearing what business issues I’m struggling with, digging deeper to figure out the underlying issues, communicating to ensure we’re on the same page and then suggesting multiple options that can solve my problems. Their technical and strategic assistance was helpful in getting our email automation program running. They’ve done analysis on particular issues (web experience, lead nurturing) and provided a package of action-oriented recommendations that help improve our marketing and customer experience. Most importantly, they deliver as expected.