The Challenge

Softchoice, a leading software and solutions provider, wanted to expand their Microsoft Azure business in the US, but were having difficulty driving initial engagement with their target audiences due to low brand awareness.

The Objective

To develop and deploy a marketing campaign that would deliver 500 qualified (high-quality) leads to the Softchoice sales organization with a focus on new business.


The Solution

GET LIFT Agency developed a multi-faceted campaign to build brand awareness and reinforce Softchoice as the proven Microsoft Azure experts. The campaign featured minion-like robot characters to help draw attention, to underscore the frustration IT personnel felt when working with Microsoft Azure and to serve as an icon that would help visually differentiate Softchoice from its competitors.



A series of demand gen and lead nurture emails were created leveraging content assets created for the campaign. The email campaign was executed through Eloqua.




We used Uberflip as a destination hub for all of the content in the campaign. We set up 3 distinct sub-pages to reflect the 3 unique stages of where a company may find themselves in their cloud journey:

  • Getting Started
  • Addressing Skills Gaps
  • Governing and Controlling Costs

Uberflip enabled us to do progressive profiling and to recommend further content for a viewer to consume while we already had their attention.


Banner Ads

Banner ads, incorporating the robots, were created to illustrate the common pain points IT personnel were experiencing with Microsoft Azure, and to reinforce that Softchoice was the solution.

Static Image
Static Image
Static Image

Direct Mail

A Direct Mail was sent out to 2,000 prospects that contained a personalized letter from their account rep and a relevant report. The DM campaign was followed up with outbound calling with the goal of booking a first appointment.